Minor, C. (2017) Five steps to launching a school wide social justice movement. Education Week Teacher

Last week, I sat in on a meeting about the reading intervention program in one of the several schools that I support through my work at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York City. We have more kids on our caseload than we can serve this semester. Many of those public school students, who “need” reading intervention, are brown or poor.  Our staff knows that literacy is not just a matter of meeting standards in a community like ours. For many of our students and their families, literacy is the difference between a full stomach or an empty one, employment or prison—even life or death.  continue reading

Ehrenworth, M., Minor, C., Federman, M., Jennings, J., Messer, K. & McCloud, C. (2015). Those Who Can Coach Can Teach. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 59(1), 15–20. 

If you were to visit a high school, including the fields and courts where students are practicing, you would find incredible teaching happening on the basketball court, on the bus, and in the locker room, including work on critical thinking, close reading, goal setting, responding to feedback, and constructing and defending arguments. A lot of this teaching is unrehearsed and undocumented. It is also transformative and could be more so if we honored it across a building. When you get students coming into school on Saturday morning for extra work, you want to study what kind of teaching made that happen. When you find students closely reading sports performances, including interpreting details to support evidence-based arguments, you want to name and hone those analytic skills and help students transfer them to other, academic texts. continue reading